Frequently Asked Questions

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Why aren't all AstraZeneca products available?

Not all products are available to every prescriber. Sample supply may also be limited to specific distribution channels.

How do I see all items I'm eligible to order?

Go to the Menu and click on Browse Samples. If you do not see the medicines that you were looking for, you may have ordered your maximum allocation for the month. Allocations are reinstated on the 1st of each month. If you have further questions, please contact your AstraZeneca Sales Representative.

Why isn't my latest order appearing in my order history?

Your order is not complete until you sign the Sample Request Form delivered to your email by DocuSign.

Why do items in my order ship separately?

Items may be delivered in multiple shipments. We'll send you samples as soon as they become available, ensuring they are delivered as quickly as possible. If certain items are missing, your order history will indicate why we are not able to deliver a particular item.